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Fornow Electric Technology (Jiaxing) Co., LTD. is a professional exportation corporation, which mainly specialized in producing and selling magnet materials, magnetic application, permanent magnet motor,magnetic devices like magnetizer and demagnetizer. We can also provide the customized products according to your needs.
We have a branch company in Shanghai, named Shanghai Qijin Magnet Electron Technology Co.,Ltd,also supply magnets

Production scope
Sintered Ferrite, sintered NdFeB , bonded NdFeB, injection magnets of Ferrite or NdFeB, plastic rubber magnet, AlNiCo and SmCo. In addition, including application of magnetic devices, stepping motor, brushless motor, PM stepping motor and AC servo motor, etc. Our company also provide magnetizer and demagnetizer , magnetic property testing equipment, etc.

Our products are widely applied in these areas: household appliances, auto electronics instruments, medical equipments, wind power generation, mining machines, steel industry, radar aircraft and so on.

Our superiority
Broad range of high-grade products to meet customers’ specific requirements.

Professional Engineering team to deal with the sudden problems effectively in time.

High cost-effective to make us keep strong competitiveness.

“Just In Time” delivery help projects orderly.

In short, we offer effective solutions and service, not just magnets.

FORNOW is striving technological innovation, improvement of product quality and customer service, and maintain strong enterprise competitiveness